Our Office

Dr. Roger Bendle provides chiropractic care out of his office at 9160 Elk Drive in Port Hardy, by appointment only.

No Walk-In appointments thank you.

Patients initial visits with Dr. Bendle will be scheduled with additional time so he can meet and do a history on existing patients.

Port Hardy Office

9160 Elk Drive, Port Hardy, BC

More info from Dr. Bendle on our new office

I am happy to announce that I will be taking over for Dr. Colin Wilson. I am now a full-time Port Hardy resident and, starting June 1, will be seeing clients out of my home at 9160 Elk Drive.  I apologize for the difficulty some of you have had in getting in touch with me but I should be much easier to get in touch with from now on.

The entrance to the clinic will be through the garage on the left side of the house and through the main floor side entrance. Of course, the garage door will be open when I am seeing patients. Come in, until I change the flooring, please remove your shoes and have a seat.

I will only accept clients who have a pre-booked appointment. That means no walk-in clients. All appointments must be booked ahead of time even if it’s only 30 minutes before the scheduled time. I will allow online booking for regular clients who are currently under care.

Park anywhere provided you don’t block anyone in.

Please be patient as I modify the space for chiropractic.